Digital Case Study

A leading UK Product and Service Design Studio who are at the cutting edge of digital strategy, transformation and innovation and were experiencing new growth, and required specialist hybrid talent to lead delivery across their business.

The Change Partners were approached with a mandate to find 2 “Lead Project Managers”, with not only delivery experience but very strong strategic and relationship building capabilities, not found within your typical digital PMs.

The client was after the top 1% of digital PM’s who don’t come from a communications background or are process managers, but those with a full rounded skill set and strong strategic outlook about consumer behaviour, interaction design, and product.


Rather than target existing digital project managers, we approached the market looking for strong Strategic or Account Management talent within the digital and product sphere, who have a large delivery component to their current role or had come through a producer/project management path to get to where they are now.

Cultural fit is key for the clients business and for the type of innovative and highly progressive work they deliver. Therefore we targeted the right type of personality and skill set without focusing on titles.

We targeted boutique strategic digital consultancies and large corporate digital business in the London area, to hone in on the right hybrid talent.


We met with several candidates, sent two profiles to the client, both of which were interviewed, offered, accepted and hired. Both candidates started within the same month. Outlook, ambition and passion for this type of user-centric design work are crucial for the client. Our knowledge of the digital sector, product and service design, what they right type of Project Management skill set vs Strategic talent looks like, is what led us to find the right individuals for the client.