Technology Case Study

A leading international software company focussed on the industrial and chemical sectors, was looking to hire a UK based Global VP of IT Development. This was going to be the most important hire of 2016 and required someone to be UK based with the ability to restructure and implement the best business model to run off shore development teams in India and Russia.

The Change Partners were approached with a mandate to find a candidate with experience of building and managing offshore development teams in both India and Russia and someone who was prepared to travel 50-80% of the time globally. The goal was to find a candidate who could implement the right business model while having the technical knowledge and cultural experience to manage multi-discipline and multi-cultural teams.


We actively mapped more than 100 software companies in the SME to corporate categories with Director and VP level candidates in the development space. We approached more than 50 targeted candidates both new candidates and existing candidates known to the The Change Partners and we were able to produce a shortlist of 10 qualified people to present to the client. We selected candidates who would be within budget (£200k) and be able to travel and work from multiple locations as per the original brief. Most importantly, we were able to select candidates with the right combination of soft skills, technical depth and the cultural awareness to work in an organisation spread across multiple cultures and geographies.


Over a 4 week period the executive management team interviewed 6 qualified candidates that we selected and they ended up making an offer to a candidate who accepted and started after 1 month. The client was very happy with the quality of the shortlist and the candidate who joined.