Meet the team: Lauren Tiffin

Lauren Tiffin, Senior Consultant at the Change Partners, is passionate about hospitality, leisure and tourism and she sees a dynamic, evolving future.

Portrait of Lauren

Early Influences: Could you share some insights into your upbringing and the kind of family environment you were raised in? How do you believe these early experiences have contributed to your current professional journey?

I look back on my upbringing with gratitude and happy, loving memories, my parents strived to give my brother Ellis and I all the opportunities and experiences that have shaped us into the people we are today, and I will always be grateful to them. In terms of how this has contributed to my professional journey, both my parents are very career-driven and have always been really supportive of every career choice I have made – from moving to the USA twice and even the Maldives!

Shaping Experiences: In what ways have the lessons and values you learned during your formative years shaped your approach to your work and the decisions you make in your career today?

The lessons and values I learned growing up were to work hard, be honest, and always be yourself. Throughout my career so far, I have always strived to work hard and be proactive by thinking of the next step and where I want to be in the future. Doing so has allowed me to progress to management in my earlier career before recruitment and have opportunities I would never have believed possible. In terms of being honest, I offer full transparency with the candidates and clients I work alongside and by doing this I am being myself as I foster and build strong relationships along the way.

Guiding Lights: Were there any individuals who played a significant role in guiding you during your early career stages? Could you tell us about your early mentors and how their advice has impacted your professional growth?

My parents have definitely played a significant role in guiding me through my early career stages, through my upbringing, and their undeniable support with every job I had from sixth form through to university and onwards. I would also say most recently in my later years, my brother Ellis, who has been very successful in his career and I definitely look up to him – he is very understanding, and supportive and continuously offers advice.

Path to Change Partners: Could you share the story of how you became a part of the team at Change Partners? What drew you to this particular role and organisation?

Tristan reached out to me on LinkedIn about the opportunity to join The Change Partners. After over a year of building a strong foundation within office support recruitment, Tristan presented the opportunity to join the team and build out a marketing sector specialising in the Leisure, Tourism, and Entertainment industries based on my career and expertise before recruitment. Tristan, the team, and the opportunity to grow and develop were the main drivers in my decision to join and build on my knowledge in a new sector of recruitment.

Defining Success: At what juncture in your career do you envision feeling that you’ve truly achieved success? What benchmarks or achievements would signify that moment for you?

I would say that I have already felt like I have achieved success in my career so far, I have been lucky enough to work overseas on a few occasions in some of the most prestigious hospitality venues globally, and with only a year of experience in recruitment I was promoted to Senior Consultant. I think success is hard to define, as it depends on multiple factors. Although, professionally, I have always really enjoyed managing a team, fostering culture, and driving development in people from my earlier career in hospitality. I thrive on seeing people successful and giving them the tools and knowledge to be so. I am hoping that when I have gained more knowledge in my sector and marketing, I will branch out and build a team of my own at The Change Partners.

Invaluable Advice: What’s the most impactful piece of advice you’ve ever received from someone? Did you follow that advice, and how did it shape your decisions moving forward?

One of the best pieces of advice I had was to ‘surround yourself with people who are better than you are’. I resonated with this as I truly believe, that in order to be a better version of yourself professionally and personally, who you surround yourself with really counts, whether that be in the workplace, or in your personal life. I think you can really learn from those around you, and you learn something new every day.

Digital Transformation: In your perspective, which sectors do you believe are undergoing the fastest and most impactful digitisation? How do you see these changes shaping the future of those industries?

I would say that media in general but certainly social media is developing rapidly and I would say it has considerably since the pandemic. I am excited to see where it can develop in the next few years!

Thriving in Industry: What excites you the most about the industries you’re involved in and the changes they’re undergoing? What innovations or developments hold the greatest potential for growth and progress?

I am passionate about the hospitality, leisure, and tourism industries. Despite working in the industry myself and potentially being biased, it is fast-paced, dynamic, and ever-changing and that is what excites me most about the sector. Although it is a competitive market, all the companies I work with are evolving and adapting by looking at industry trends and remaining competitive.

Navigating the Unknown: Looking ahead, what aspects of the future concern you the most? Are there any specific challenges or uncertainties that you find worrisome within the industries you operate?

I would say that competition is growing, but that will also lead to more opportunities and I actually find it exciting to think of where we might be in the next few years rather than a future concern or uncertainty.

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