Today, candidates want to hear and understand more than role requirements within a job spec. Candidates want to hear more about the clients’ culture, product set and strategic direction – they want more insight, detail and depth. That’s why our approach isn’t just about the role, it’s about sharing our wealth of strategic knowledge to help their career continue to grow.

We speak to all our candidates individually to find the job that’s right for them, not just the right person for the job. We fully brief and prepare all our candidates and are with them every step of the way, from initial interview to their new job. We build solid long-term relationships, to help with this role and the next.

Testimonial One

“My experience of working with The Change Partners has been extremely rewarding. From initial contact to successfully placing me into a role that I love, The Change Partners regularly keep in touch.

Not only did they support me throughout my application but I noticed that they know their clients very well, were able to prepare me for interviews and provided me insight into company culture, that I found very accurate and helpful.

The Change Partners are professional, tenacious and pleasant to work with – highly recommended.”

Testimonial Two

“Without hesitation I can say The Change Partners would be my first choice to work with again, whether as a candidate or hiring manager.

A rare breed, committed to achieving the very best long-term outcome for both candidate and company; this is obvious throughout the process.

When I first met The Change Partners, it was for a different role than the one I was eventually placed in. They looked beyond the obvious in both directions, and it is this that sets them apart. They took the time to understand me and thoroughly examine my experience and goals, recommending instead a position that – on paper – I would not have looked twice at, but in reality, was a perfect fit.

Six months in, I can confidently say they nailed it; my expectations have been exceeded and this is the best career move I’ve made to date.”


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