Chief Technology Officer

Working with CDO of a business that owns a variety of consumer brands across transport, financial services, airlines, telecommunications and more; we were looking for a CTO to head up their new loyalty platform.


Our task was to shortlist candidates from high transactional consumer brands, to find a CTO with both on-shore and offshore development experience gained in complex and global business environments. We were looking for candidates able to connect the backend technology of each brand to enable a seamless customer experience for different customer groups.

We produced a long list of more than 100 candidates and interviewed more than 40 candidates in order to get to a final shortlist of 5 people. This search had the added challenge of being for a specific 12-month time-frame so we also had to secure someone who would be happy to do the role on a non-permanent basis.

The outcome

The client interviewed the shortlisted candidates over a two-stage process and was able to appoint one of these candidates from the initial list.