VP Lifecycle Marketing

We work at a C-Level with one of the world’s leading Millennial and Gen-Z technology companies, placing their VP layer globally.

As their business evolves and competes with the world’s top technology brands, it is crucially important that they are customer focused and continually driving innovation across the business to evolve the customer experience across all touchpoint.


Our task was to find the Lifecycle marketing leader of the future.
We undertook a transatlantic search looking for a world-class data and customer focused leader to leverage data science, IA & personalisation to drive innovation.

We targeted leaders in some of the world’s top customer focused and digitally innovative businesses who are pioneering new ways to engage with consumers through IoT, in-the-moment behavioural data and behavioural modelling. Our role is to position the business and it’s medium to long-term vision in the right way to allow candidates to understand their role in achieving that vision.

The outcome

We headhunted a select number of top candidates from technology, FMCG, telecommunications, entertainment, content, cosmetics, fashion businesses. The global marketplace moves fast and the end to end interview to offer process was completed within 2 weeks.