2020: Getting your CV into shape for the year ahead

To start your 2020 job search, here are some of my key recommendations to get your CV into shape for the year ahead:

  1. The top of the first page of your CV should list 5-6 of your key skills. This will form the value proposition for your CV. Someone reviewing your CV can instantly see what you bring to the role within your key skills section.
  2. Think about your key achievements and outcomes! Don’t list all of your key responsibilities. List all of your key achievements from 2019 and both the measurable and intangible value you achieved at work. For example, “Increased new online customer acquisition by 100% over a 9-month period.” Or, “restructured the Digital department and created a more successful culture focused on these key values:….”
  3. Ideally you should Keep the CV to 2 pages or maximum 3. Ensure that the first page entices the reviewer to read on!
  4. Make sure the CV is easy to read and follow, so avoid big blocks of text or small font sizes.
  5. Don’t undersell yourself: Think about your experience holistically. What are the different components of your personal and professional experience that create your brand identity? Make sure this is weaved into the CV.
    For example, if you have lived or worked overseas, this is a selling point. Multi-Cultural experience and international exposure beyond the UK is a key differentiator in today’s market.
  6. Make sure you ask at least two people to proofread your CV and I would suggest a mentor should review it if you have one. This will allow an objective eye to feedback any blind spots on the CV.

If you would like advice on how to shape your CV or to discuss the current job market and potential opportunities please get in touch with me: tristan@thechangepartners.com or 07710 463 499

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