Digital Value Layer

Consumer decision making has fundamentally changed. The wealth of information now available, and the power of digital technology to contextualise it, means the balance of power has now shifted into the hands of the consumer.

For example, shopping for the cheapest price for a product or policy has been reduced to a Google search whilst on the bus. With a phone in everyone’s pocket, everything they need to know to aid decision making, drive purchases or share information is just a click away.

Digital has also brought consumers (and potential employees) closer to businesses and brands than ever before. In just a few clicks you can learn about a business’ culture, their CEO, their values, social impact, PR and even what it’s like to work there. Digital is not going away, it’s just going to get more powerful and those harnessing its power and using it to push their business and products forward, will succeed.

Lots of companies and individuals talk about ‘being digital‘, but most of the time they mean technology and/or software. Technology does not = digital.

Digital is the stuff that makes technology and software useful and delivers value to the end user or consumer. It allows you to do your weekly shop from your mobile phone, message people on the other side of the world and find out when the next bus is due.

Digital is the experience that makes technology useful, what we call at The Change Partners the “digital value layer”. This is the layer the user or consumer interacts with, making the technology useful and delivering value to the user.

We know about digital value because we have spent over 12 years delivering digital strategies and solutions for clients in markets all around the world. Such as an eCommerce path to purchase solutions for Vodafone, second screen data viewing experiences for McLaren Formula 1 and multi-channel content strategy solutions for Mercedes-Benz.

We know what ‘digital value’ is, and we know what ‘good’ looks like in the global digital market.

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